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Aleta queen of comic strip

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Goltile 07.07.2020
HMU add my page for videos to be available
Mazujind 10.07.2020
You lost your mojo after the ban lil buddy, it's pretty obvious.
Misar 10.07.2020
although i'd never partake in this cause it's not my thing, i will admit those female mannequins are well done and will seduce a lot of guys without saying a word. lol it's hella creepy though cause if ur using them to pleasure urself and then u rip off the hair and the clothing, u see an image of urself performing sexual activities with some creepy looking mannequin
Kikasa 13.07.2020
My kik is on my profile. Hit me up if you're into it :)
Arashirisar 15.07.2020
What's the point of a council when Bran literally knows everything that's gonna happen.