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Karamar 25.02.2020
I tend to call all soda Coke.
Gusar 29.02.2020
While I do have a tremendous amount of compassion for those who choose the wrong path …. One plain fact stands out: If someone committed a felony, there is nearly a 100 chance that they committed other crimes as well and will continue to disregard the law in some form or fashion. My youngest son was a druggie, in and out of prison for theft, assault, etc. his cure came in the form of an drug overdose that took his life. he was in rehab on and off for nearly 20 years and jail for the most part of 5 years. we chose and continue to choose to remember him as what he was as a child, not what he became as an adult.
Kezil 02.03.2020
oooooh where'd you get this? she's good!
Dakinos 03.03.2020
Hey luv my Chocolate
Yotaxe 05.03.2020
Hello that's for that add